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Deliverable Name
D1.3 Delivery of conclusions and recommendations on suggestions to improve farming systems
D2a.1 Characterization of local and ICARDA germplasm tolerant to multiple stresses by using molecular, physiological and morphological tools
D2a.2 Report on selected genotypes for abiotic stress tolerance
D2b.1 The potential of selected crops for production and use in target described
D3a.1 Agronomic interventions have been identified. Yearly reports
D3a.2 Determination of the potential of use of marginal-quality water resources, and selection of water harvesting
D3b.1 Bestmethods for mitigating impacts of salinity
D4.1 Identification of soil and water quality implications on the use of marginal quality water
D5.1 Report on the socio economic impacts of new crops and traits, and cultural practices, to local communities
D5.2 Establishment of long-term collaborations between farmers, and policy and academic institutions in the Mediterranean area
D5.3 Report on the social and market acceptance on new crops and traits
D6.1 Report on models structure, development, calibration and validation using data from the project field experiment sites
D6.2 Final version of the SALTMED model software tested and ready for distribution
D6.3 Report on the performance of models (yield, soil salinity) of different irrigation schedules with saline water under different climate conditions
D7.1 Guidelines on best suited crops and cultivars for multiple stress tolerance in targeted environments
D7.2 Guidelines on how to conserve soil moisture using different field management tools
D7.3 Guidelines on crop management under saline conditions including seed treatments technology, crop selection and rotation
D7.4 Guidelines on irrigation strategies using marginal-quality water avoiding the negative impact on soilcharacteristics,particularly on soil salinity, groundwater pollution, and health risks
D7.5 Guidelines on socio-economic impacts in local communities when introducing new crops and traits, cultural practices and use of marginal-quality water
D7.7 Handbook

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